Combining his true love for art with vast experience as a curator and art dealer, Stephan decided to start his own art consulting agency.

Aiming to provide assistance and know how to artists, collectors and businesses. 

For Artists.

Assistance for artists in all points of their career.

From webiste and press material for emerging artists, to maintnance work for established artists. 

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For Collectors.

We can help you start a brand new collection from zero, and to find your own style.

As well as helping established collectors to finde new pieces and maintain their collection.

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For Businesses.

Create a unique relationship between your businesses and art. Rent artworks to uplift your workspace or to present to your clients and/or employees. 

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Working closelly along artists allows me to be able to offer artworks by leading artists directly from their studio to you collection.

Upon request i can also locate and purchase works by specific artists to complete your collection, via auctions and art galleries.

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I've had people say to me, "Well, how do I start collecting artworks?" Well, you start by buying. Buy what you like, buy what you can afford - and I'm not just saying that because I'm a dealer. You can't be so paralyzed to where you keep saying, "I've got to learn more." The best way to learn is to go home and actually put something on the wall. Then you've got an investment. Then you're living with it. Then you're in the game.

-Larry Gagosian